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About us

Thank you for visiting Blue Life Adventures.  I am currently an active first responder in Central Florida and it has been a very stressful time for all first responder's.  But I don't believe there is anything more stressful than having to deal with all of the internal politics.  Unfortunately most departments have policies in place to prevent first responder's from speaking out without threat of termination.  This causes many officers to have to carry the unseen burdens, keeping feelings and emotions bottled up, and placing unfair stresses on our loved ones.  As the CoVid restrictions are lifting, it is providing an opportunity for my fellow brothers and sisters to travel and break free from all of the stresses, both on the street and from within, for a short period of time.  This is why I have created Blue Life Adventures.


I want to provide my fellow first responder's information and ideas to get away, to break free from the stresses and there is no better place than the Orlando and Central Florida area.  While I encourage everybody to spend a day or two at our wonderful theme parks, there is so much more to see and do without breaking the bank.  As my community, my tribe, continues to grow I plan to work with companies to make your experience as memorable as possible.  Because of this, I encourage you to sign up and be kept up to date on any new specials, deals, or discounts that may come our way.  And to have a more in depth look at our adventures I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, Blue Life Adventures.


Be Safe!